505’s Portal Knight Update

505’s non linear RPG marked its first year anniversary in late February by revealing their huge plans for 2017.

One of the main focuses was the release of Portal Knights on console, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Portal Knights is also rumoured to be released on Nintendo switch in 2019 but it doesn’t have a definitive release date yet. The release on the Xbox One and PS4 have been revealed for April for Europe and May for North America.

The team at 505 are going to be releasing a series of videos that are designed to showcase the main elements of Portal Knights, including the RPG elements of the game as well as combat and building in the game. The videos will be released on the community channels along with any future updates.

Another main update teased at was the introduction of new multiplayer systems. The first being a split screen multiplayer on the PC and console versions. The second new type of multiplayer gameplay is being able to have multiplayer games in multiple worlds at once. This will add a whole new level of play style when you can visit other players worlds quicker than ever.

They did not release information about cross console play but we hope to hear more information closer to the release. There will be no discount given to those who have purchased the game on PC and wish to buy Portal Knights console editions. However, 505 did say they will be giving people bonus items to those who joined their early access on the PC.

Portal Knights is on for pre order on the 505 official website in anticipation of the future release.


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